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"Kiara has been working with my children for many years.  She is diligent, dependable, knowledgeable and consistent.  I sought her out when my 5th grade daughter was having academic, organizational, and executive functioning challenges. Kiara helped me advocate for the initial and development of my daughters 504, and was really able to take the time to assess, and support her needs.  Kiara has become a part of our family as she is dependable, respectful, and honest.  I couldn’t ask for a better support for my girls!"

-Wisniewski Family


"Ms. Kiara has been helping me with my work for 5 years and she is great! She always takes her time with me and shows me different ways to understand information.  My grades and independence have improved over the years and I earned a 3.8 my first two quarters of high school!"

-Josephine A.


"Ms. Kiara helped me to write my college essays and helped with my organization throughout the application process.  She also helps me understand my course material when I am having challenges.  She always has a solution for my academic challenges and is always patient."

-Ashlee A. 

"Kiara is an amazing teacher. She is detailed oriented and patient "

– Nyssa Joseph

"Kiara was very helpful and very time efficient! She knew exactly how to help me and we work well in collaborating with each other."

-Jenna San


"When we first met Ms. Kiara my husband and I were trying to get extra support for our son. He has an IEP for speech and we recognized early on that he would need extra support after school. She has helped him in reading, writing, and math.  She has worked with his teachers and follows his curriculum closely so that her sessions reinforce what he has learned in school. She gives him constructive criticism and keeps him on task. She’s written several social stories to help him during tough times and challenges him all the time.   My husband and I can always get in contact with her with any questions and she give us a summary of his work after each session. We highly recommend her and you will not be disappointed with her services"

-Antonin Family

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